Hair products Hair Retention

Hair products Hair Retention

Medical Wigs and Hair Loss Prosthesis units for women undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments or who are suffering from one of the various forms of Alopecia including Alopecia Areata or more forms of Alopecia. We also provide beautifully natural looking wigs and hair prosthesis systems for men and women.

Recent advances in technology individuals undergoing various forms of medical treatments which cause hair loss now have a variety of choices to help make themselves look and feel better during their treatments and maintain as much privacy about their treatment as they wish both socially and professionally.

Life Like Hair Center offers custom hair prosthesis and medical grade human hair wigs for women who are experiencing medically induced hair loss due to Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment. This service is very special to us we are passionate about providing a safe private comfortable environment with caring and knowledgeable professionals along with a quality product.

We understand that fighting cancer requires the treatment of the body mind and soul. Hair loss can change a person sense of identity that is how we see ourselves and how we relate to others this in turn affects our quality of life.

Everyone has heard horror stories about wigs and everyone has seen horror stories of wigs. They deserve every bit of the bad reputation they have received. These wigs are often not designed manufactured or styled to the high standards to which they should be. As a result they look fake and are often uncomfortable or hot.

Highest quality natural human hair wigs for the perfect look because our clients rely on us to help them maintain a high degree of privacy about medical treatments they may be going through. Life Like Hair Center has worked very hard to make sure that our wigs and hair prosthetics are of the absolute high quality. We mean this in terms of manufacture design styling look and touch.

Our medical grade human hair wigs are handmade for superior natural look. Being hand-knotted gives them a much more natural appearance in the amount of hair in the cap as well as how free the hair moves when the wig is worn. That means more comfort being lighter and cooler than any machine made wig. No matter is the hair is synthetic or natural hand-knotting makes a huge difference. Our medical wigs are also made with a much smaller and cooler cap and are designed for the person with little or no hair and in such a way as to not irritate a sensitive scalp.

We strongly request that you to visit us before you start your chemotherapy treatment so our professional stylists can familiarize themselves with the hairstyle and hair color you currently have. We would suggest that a sample of your hair be taken for future reference as our end goal is to recreate the natural hair color and style you have.

Our doctors and medically trained staff have helped hundreds of thousands of people over the past 25+ years. Laser hair loss treatment works!
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