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Causes of Hair Loss in Women

You get up in the morning and look at your pillow more hair has fallen out during the night. You brush your hair and end up pulling more hair out of your brush. In an effort to hide your scalp you try different hair styles you spend more and more time trying to tease it you try shampoos. Hair loss women experience can be frightening and when nothing works to stop it depression can set in but there are real solutions.

Physical and Emotional Stress surgeries severe illnesses and emotional stress can cause hair loss. In many cases there is a three month delay between the actual event and the onset of hair loss.

Additionally there may be another three month delay prior to the return of noticeable hair re-growth. This means that the total hair loss and re-growth cycle can last six months or possibly longer when inducted physical or emotional stress.

Hormonal changes are a common cause of hair loss. Many women do not realize that hair loss can occur after pregnancy or following discontinuation of birth control pills.

Female hair loss may occur due to dieting. Franchised diet programs which are designed or administered under the direction of a physician with prescribed meals dietary supplements and vitamin ingestion have become popular. Sometimes the client is told that vitamins are a necessary part of the program to prevent hair loss associated with dieting.

From a dermatologists standpoint however the vitamins cannot prevent hair loss associated with rapid significant weight loss.

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Common Hair Loss Misconceptions and Myths

  • Frequent shampooing contributes to hair loss
  • Shaving your head will cause your hair to grow back thicker
  • Hair loss does not occur in women who are in their late teens or early twenties
  • Hats and Wigs cause thinning and baldness
  • 100 strokes of the hair brush daily will create healthier hair
  • Permanent thinning and baldness is caused by perms colors and other cosmetic treatments
  • There are cures available for Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Stress can cause permanent thinning of a woman’s overall hair density

Treatment Options and Solutions for Women

Up to 60 percent of women experience hair loss at some point. The causes are multiple genetics hormones too much thyroid not enough thyroid low estrogen high androgen or trauma an allergic reaction high fever stress. The most common and chronic cause is a genetic condition called Androgenetic Alopecia.

Virtuesse Hair Replacement

Virtuesse Hair Replacement for Women is the ultimate solution for female hair loss and thinning hair. A Virtuesse hair loss restoration system is not a Wig or a Hairpiece in any ordinary sense of the world.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacements

Women’s hair replacements systems and additions have the ability to simulate a true natural appearance while offering the client a significant increase in overall density.

Medical Therapy

There are several proven topical hair loss control products available including minoxidil FDA approved for use by women that have proven beneficial in controlling hair loss especially when combined with low level laser light therapy.